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How it works will catch 90% of spam based on the behaviour of the spammer rather than the content of the message. These days spammers are on the increase and will do anything to pass there virus infected spam bots to an organisation or individual. These bots send spam differently than normal email servers. They try to sneak spam in the back door, sending it only once and moving on to the next recipient. They do not issue QUIT commands to close the connection and often use email addresses that have been mined from web sites and do dictionary attacks. These behaviour’s and others allow us to identify a message as spam without analysing the content making the service superfast. We have several levels of spam filtering making our service very unique of which brief details are set out below.

Server Verification


1. A reverse lookup is carried out on the sender to establish if the sender has an authentic email address and it is present on the sending SMTP mail server. If this does not exist it is returned to the sender as spam.

Spam Scoring


2. Received messages are classified on a points system using Spam Assassin. They are given a messages score, if it exceeds a predetermined very high are considered high spam and value the message will be returned to the sender with a message stating that it has failed and a number to put in the header if it is a genuine email.

Good Emails


3. Any messages that scores between 5 points and 15 are considered low spam. These messages are flagged with special message headers indicating that they are "probably spam" and are passed on to your server. You can create filter rules to see these messages and route them to a spam folder. The reason we do it this way is because no spam filter is perfect. But we deal with the fact that messages are missed or wrongly identified as spam in a way that helps to ensure that you don't lose any email.

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